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Evan is a flatlander originally from Saskatoon, SK. He could draw from the moment he could pick up a pencil; art classes and courses soon followed throughout the years.

Evan moved out to Abbotsford, BC in 2003 and a year later started working at two tattoo studios to get his foot in the door. By 2006 he was self taught and tattooing full time.

In 2008 Evan decided to move to Lethbridge, AB and open is own studio where he’s been going hard ever since. His original shop became too small and too busy; he needed more artists to share the work load with and expand. So in 2013 Evan brought in TV show Dublin Ink’s Leigh Guerrine from Dublin, Ireland, and shortly after Alberta Ink was created.

Evan specializes in realism, but also loves 3D animation, new school, neo-trad, colour or black and grey; it doesn’t matter, he can do it all.


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Nixxi was born and raised here in Lethbridge. She has been interested in all types of body art and modification ever since she can remember. Nixxi began her career in the body mod industry in 2009 as a professional body piercer.

She began a tattoo apprenticeship while living and working in Medicine Hat in early 2014. She moved back to Lethbridge in November, 2014 and is loving working alongside and learning from the Alberta Ink crew. Nixxi also does cosmetic tattooing including eyebrow feathering, eyebrow shading, eyeliner and lips.