To make the design process easier we are asking that you provide us with some details about what you are interested in getting tattooed. Please keep in regular contact with your artist, over Facebook, to keep updated on your request. Most of our artists do have wait times but we do have artists who can do appointments on short notice. Please call the shop for more up to date info on this at anytime.

We do not give quotes over the Internet or phone, as there are too many factors involved when quoting tattoos; including style, placement, size, who does the piece, plus any modifications that tattoo/picture you have sent as an example will need to go through. Please note that all work done at Alberta Ink is original for you, pictures are welcome but if you have found the tattoo/picture on the internet we will change it just enough to make it uniquely yours, or even better, design you something completely new. We can organize a phone consultation for clients coming from out of town. We will ask that you pop into the shop or call to make a consultation appointment with one of our artists that you like or that best suits your needs, this is a free appointment unless you are looking at large scale work (sleeves/backs), which may incur a charge for drawing time that your artist will discuss with you.

All tattoo appointments require a deposit and the amount can vary depending on the amount of work you are booking. Tattoo appointment deposits will be factored into the cost of your tattoo.

If you can’t make your appointment, please give us at least 48 hours notice. DEPOSITS WILL BE FORFEITED FOR NO SHOWS.

Please keep our phone number (403-524-0759) in your contacts in case you miss our text message reminding you of your appointment. Also, keep in contact to check for updates on your filed request or to let us know if your contact details have changed.

Hourly rates differ from head artist to artist.

We highly recommend you use a good moisturizer on the area you plan to get tattooed as often and as long before your appointment as you possibly can. Southern Alberta’s climate is harsh and dry and this effects your skin. Hydration is key so drink plenty of water! Eating and sleeping before your tattoo will also make it a lot easier on the body to take and promote healing. Aftercare advice will be given and aftercare ointments can be purchased in the studio.

We hope this helps.